Cloud Nine

This morning as I think back over my lovely weekend with my guests I cant help but notice I am on cloud nine. Sure its Monday morning and maybe I'm a little sleepy from the drive back to Stonington but that hasn't diminished an ounce of the joy I'm carrying with me still from such a perfect Sunday in Lancaster. From the moment I tasted my first sip of coffee I just knew Sunday would be great and boy was it.

We so much enjoyed sitting down to a nice meal, taking in the sweet smell of fresh rain on the grass, stomping around in our rain boots, and meeting new people along our way. We found so many treats to bring to bring back with us but the biggest and best treasure of all was the new perspective on life the trip has given us. That is a treasure we can carry with us into our lives going forward. A simple reminder to ourselves to stop and smell the roses, to appreciate the simple things and the time we share with each other and our families. 

Tonight I head back out onto the road to retrieve a few more truckloads of our auctions finds for our shop. Some pieces have already sold and are ready to go to their new homes! My clients love mud sales as much as I do! I look forwarding to posting more about our trip and the amazing future we have planned at Revival. Our name says it all. A revival we shall have!

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