noun: growth
  1. The process of increasing in physical size.
  2. The process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually.
  3. The process of increasing in amount, value, or importance.

You may have noticed the changes going on in and around Revival's store and wood shop in Suite 68C of The Velvet Mill. We are creating more than just another pretty seasonal refreshing of our showroom decor this spring. Revival is growing fast, just as we always wished it would. We are so pleased to announce the expansion of our design and location specialty services for commercial and private clients alike. That means we are reviving our showroom with a brand new feel, function, and look just in time for the fabulous warm weather months. 

My years of extensive travel throughout the backroads of Pennsylvania have lead to a natural progression and development of my expert location abilities for architectural salvage and authentic farmhouse home goods. More often than not when I arrive at Revival headquarters in Stonington with a trailer filled with auction finds, every piece is already sold and spoken for. When attending auctions, mud sales, or following leads on reclaimed wood I am in constant contact with clients looking for very detailed and specific items for their design projects. It is absolutely thrilling and exactly what makes my job so exciting to me! Because of my years of growing up on a working family farm in Rhode Island, I have developed relationships and discovered leads that are unique to my life and career alone. That is the magic of what Revival brings to every project. Now we are focusing on bringing that magic to more homes throughout New England.

Thanks to our creative clients and our strong growth as a company, Revival is now able to offer even more of our design, location, and custom build services to clients in the Stonington area and beyond. You will now be able to easily book private design consultations in our beautiful showroom location as well as continue to shop our exclusive Revival items that you've grown to love. With the addition of our online store, Chairish storefront, our gorgeous showroom, plentiful amounts of special events and monthly carry out sales, Revival now offers even more convenient ways to bring authentic farmhouse style to your life.

Joining us on a journey of growth and expansion will be our neighbors, Lohibition. The addition of this cheerful, coastal living inspired home accessories boutique has turned the North Wing of The Velvet Mill into a delightful design destination for coastal farmhouse living. Along with some of our great friends, family, and neighbors; a true Revival is happening all around us. Please keep in touch with us as we have even more exciting projects and collaborations to announce in the near future. We are entering a new phase of joyous celebration and we want you to be a part of all of it.

In the meantime stop by our shop this weekend for our amazing Spring Sale! We cant wait to tell you about all the good news!

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