The High Road


The high road....

Did you know? Revival is a one woman show (Melissa), a true farmhouse decor, architectural salvage and inspirational design center where each item is carefully selected for Revival's clientele.

Melissa has since expanded Revival to include reclaimed lumber, specialty lumber, lighting and custom builds - delivering more of a variety to Revivals following.

Catering to individuals and businesses, small and large.

A 24 hour glimpse at a frequent Revival day....
Yesterday started at 2:30am from Stonington to Lancaster PA
Traveled through 5 States
Nearly 1000 miles covered round trip
(Which includes 2 trips over the GWB)
Attended 3 auctions
6 regular business stops
Loaded a truck...and trailer of goods & lumber
A couple visits with friends
3 hot meals (vs. Wawa pit stops)
Back in Stonington by midnight!
Offloaded a truck and a trailer AND opened by 9am this morning with smiles on our faces!!!

My days are filled with all good things - that leaves NO time for B.S.!

That's what we do -

 Revival is  focused on growth, goal driven and committed to delivering the best - thats our recipe for success!!!

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