To Give New Life Again and Again.

"Re - A prefix occurring originally in Latin loanwords words meaning 'again and again' that indicates repetition..."

Revival is heavily invested in the philosophy of recycling, repurposing, reusing, and reviving pieces of American farm life from the past that are still worthy of use in our modern lives. There is still a place for all of these beautiful artifacts from a time and a place when working with your hands was your entire life and your family's lifeline. When you see Revival pieces in their new homes you instantly know that it is special and that there is a history there. That feeling is hard to capture with furniture and decor items that are factory fresh. 

Talking about recycling and repurposing is important on Earth Day but it is even more important to apply those philosophies to your every day life in whatever way you can. Decorating your home with antiques and repurposed items is just a fun, practical, and gorgeous way to reduce the amount of material that would be otherwise unappreciated and tossed aside. So many people find a great thrill in hunting for unique and eclectic treasures to express their personal style at home.

The joy of Revival is in giving these pieces and your home new life again and again and again. 



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